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07 July 2008 @ 05:14 pm
Yo hice chingado!  
"This is it." Nancy said surely to herself with a pointed finger and a hand on the wheel. After all, it was her first successful trip across the border, and it would have really sucked if it was destroyed by a lack of direction.

The warehouse was quite big, very plain, and the metal door was only open a little on the bottom. She turned into the driveway, only to hear another moan from Lento, the Mexican criminal under the back seat that she had smuggled in to see his mother. She got out, keys dangling in her hand, and dressed in J. Crew from head to toe as instructed. She ran to the metal door, getting down on her hands and knees, slipping under, and screaming "Yo hice chingado!" with a bright smile on her face, which means "I fucking did it" in Spanish.

Nancy was surprised when she looked up though. She didn't see anyone. "Hola? Guilliermo? Chuy?" She shouted as her eyes skimmed over the entire warehouse. A broken table and two broken chairs laid on the ground. "Shit." She whispered to herself, a hand on her hip in disbelief.

Confused and unsure of what was going on, she got back down, getting under the metal door once more and back to the car.

As Nancy slammed the door shut, she rested her head on the wheel for a moment, trying to think and surprised that Lento hadn't questioned her as to what was going on yet. After all, he had commented for the entirety of the rest of the trip.

What was she going to do? Here she was, with a near suffocating Mexican criminal hidden underneath her back seat, and weed hidden all over the car. She had no idea where Guilliermo was, Andy was calling her, and the J. Crew shorts were kind of uncomfortable.