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I'm not a dealer....

I'm a mother who happens to distribute illegal products

Nancy Botwin
17 November 1965
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Nancy Botwin has brown wavy hair and brown eyes. She is 5'8" with a slender yet attractive body. She can often be seen wearing jeans and a fitted t-shirt. On special occasions, she goes for a dress or a skirt. She always looks pretty clean cut and normal.

Nancy enters hearts_andminds right after episode 4.03 "The Whole Blah Damn Thing"


Family photo album
Pillowcase of weed
Suitcases of clothing
Cell phone (even though it will be useless)
Music player (MP3 player)
Shane's fuzzy hat
Silas's band shirt
Conrad's Pistol

Disclaimer: Nancy Botwin is from the television show "Weeds". She is played by Mary-Louise Parker. Neither the character or the actress belong to me. This journal is solely for rpg purposes and no profit is being made from this journal. Both mun and pup are over 21.