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Nancy Botwin
06 January 2010 @ 02:24 pm
It was a long day, especially considering Nancy hadn't slept at all the night before; with Esteban's arrest, she had opted for copious amounts of wine instead of sleep. Of course, it wasn't just the wine and lack of sleep which made the day long and excruciating though.

It was a long day because she spent it confused, asking and answering a hundred questions; all of which had no real compensation. It was a long day because her new husband was in trouble and she felt useless. It was a long day because it seemed like everyone she cared about in the world had decided to take a swipe at her in between all her worrying and wondering.

So, Nancy was tired at this point; she was tired emotionally and physically. She was tired, and yet, she couldn't stop thinking. She couldn't stop thinking about how messy her life had become, about how she gave Andy the first ring Judah had ever given her, about how she barely knew her kids now, and how she wasn't sure if she could ever fix things or be happy for more than five minutes.

The only thing she really had going for her at the moment seemed to be crying in the next room.

He was innocent. He was loving and loyal and beautiful. He didn't call her a bad mom or question her decisions. He didn't ask for anything but a little attention every now and then and help with basic needs.

As she stepped into his nursery and scooped him up from his crib, she held him close, rubbing his back to quiet him and starting to cry softly as she did so.

He was perfect and she didn't want to wreck him.
Nancy Botwin
07 July 2008 @ 05:14 pm
"This is it." Nancy said surely to herself with a pointed finger and a hand on the wheel. After all, it was her first successful trip across the border, and it would have really sucked if it was destroyed by a lack of direction.

The warehouse was quite big, very plain, and the metal door was only open a little on the bottom. She turned into the driveway, only to hear another moan from Lento, the Mexican criminal under the back seat that she had smuggled in to see his mother. She got out, keys dangling in her hand, and dressed in J. Crew from head to toe as instructed. She ran to the metal door, getting down on her hands and knees, slipping under, and screaming "Yo hice chingado!" with a bright smile on her face, which means "I fucking did it" in Spanish.

Nancy was surprised when she looked up though. She didn't see anyone. "Hola? Guilliermo? Chuy?" She shouted as her eyes skimmed over the entire warehouse. A broken table and two broken chairs laid on the ground. "Shit." She whispered to herself, a hand on her hip in disbelief.

Confused and unsure of what was going on, she got back down, getting under the metal door once more and back to the car.

As Nancy slammed the door shut, she rested her head on the wheel for a moment, trying to think and surprised that Lento hadn't questioned her as to what was going on yet. After all, he had commented for the entirety of the rest of the trip.

What was she going to do? Here she was, with a near suffocating Mexican criminal hidden underneath her back seat, and weed hidden all over the car. She had no idea where Guilliermo was, Andy was calling her, and the J. Crew shorts were kind of uncomfortable.
Nancy Botwin
02 June 2007 @ 11:54 pm
After this, she walked out of the cafe and stopped to see he was following. She smiled.

"Good choice."

She moved closer to him. They were right near the hotel, but she still wasn't sure if she could hold back. After last time...
Nancy Botwin
11 May 2007 @ 11:42 pm
Nancy could try and say she didn't care about the bakery at this point.  She could try and go back to the times when Judah was still around and the only job she had was looking good, taking care of boys, and being the not-so-perfect yet very lovable wife.  But reality turned her away from all of that.  She had to worry about the bakery and her competition.  It didn't just affect her, it affected Andy, Silas, and Shane, even though Andy wasn't really her problem.

She wanted Judah though, even if it still meant dealing and pushing herself.  She was lonely and all the pain she pushed to the side in the beginning came crashing over her as she sat there.  Tears began to fall as she watched the tape.  She paused it at points just to catch his face.  She didn't want to forget his face.

"Oh, god."

She buried her face in her hands and sat against the bed weeping.  Silas was gone so he wouldn't hear and Shane was now dead asleep in his room.
Nancy Botwin
06 May 2007 @ 11:13 pm
Hi, this is Nancy. 

Obviously, I'm not here right now.

If you have my cell, give me a call there.  If not, leave a message.